Endodontics in El Cajon, CA

Endodontics is a specialty within the dental field that focuses on the treatment and care of the dental pulp. The dental pulp is found in the center of the tooth and is made up of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. The pulp is considered the most important part of the tooth as it aids in sensation, forming dentin, and even durability (the blood vessels within the pulp prevent the tooth from becoming fragile).

However, infections, trauma, and decay can cause inflammation and pain within the dental pulp. When this occurs, the most common treatment option for those with dental pulp inflammation is root canal therapy. The purpose of root canal therapy is to save the tooth from further decay and restore its function by simply removing the inflamed or infected pulp and disinfecting the tooth’s pulp chamber to prevent the spread of bacteria. This can all be provided by your El Cajon, CA, dentist, Dr. Soto at Bella Dental Group.

What is root canal therapy?
During root canal therapy, your endodontist removes the pulp and other damaged nerves from the inside of the tooth to stop the spread of infection. Then the inside of the tooth is cleaned and properly sealed with a paste. In most cases, a dental crown will also be placed over the tooth to reinforce and stabilize the tooth while restoring function and strength.

What are the symptoms of needing a root canal?
Patients may experience severe toothaches, sensitivity to hot and cold, swelling and sore gums, or a pimple on the gum line; however, sometimes there are no noticeable symptoms at all, which is why every person must visit the dentist every six months so that problems like this can be caught and treated early. After all, an infected dental pulp will require a root canal.

A root canal is not an elective procedure. If it’s recommended by our dental team, you must act fast and have this issue taken care of; otherwise, bacteria will continue to spread until the tooth is irreparable and must be extracted. This same bacteria can also cause a serious bone infection and impact surrounding teeth.

An endodontist has the special knowledge and skills to be able to perform a root canal, which is why you should always turn to one first if you are experiencing symptoms of an infected dental pulp.

If you are looking for a dentist that is proficient in endodontic care, then turn to Dr. Soto and the staff at Bella Dental Group in El Cajon, CA, for the comprehensive care your smile needs and deserves. Call us today at (619) 444-6157!