Dental Implants

Dental Implants in El Cajon, CA

According to the American Dental Association, approximately seven out of 10 adults between the ages of 35 to 44 have already lost one tooth. By the time adults are in their mid-80s, the statistics only increase, as one out of four Americans has lost all their permanent teeth. Tooth loss could be due to an accident, gum disease, or a failed root canal; however, this condition can make everyday activities like eating and talking a downright challenge. If you want a solution that will rid you of your tooth loss, then talk to our dentist Dr. Soto about dental implants.

What are dental implants, and what is the procedure like?
Dental implants consist of two parts: a small titanium post or screw, and an artificial tooth (or crown). The screw is surgically implanted into the jawbone during your first dental visit. Your mouth is then given time to heal. During this period, the tissues and bone will begin to grow around the implant, making it a permanent fixture within the jawbone.

Once this process is complete, Dr. Soto and her dental team will place a natural-looking artificial tooth on top of the screw to complete the restoration.

Who can get dental implants?
While dental implants are designed for anyone looking to replace one or more permanent teeth, this procedure isn’t right for everyone.

Dental implants may not be right for:

  • Smokers
  • Children and teens
  • Those with weakened or compromised immune systems
  • Those with uncontrolled heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic health problems
  • Those with untreated gum disease

Why should I get dental implants?
If you’re looking for a permanent way to replace a missing tooth, dental implants are certainly a great option. Of course, you’ll want to continue following a strong oral care regimen every day to ensure that the gums and surrounding teeth stay strong and healthy. Just because this tooth isn’t real, doesn’t mean you can skimp out on good oral care.

The best way to find out if you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants is to visit our El Cajon, CA, dental practice. Here we can evaluate your smile, medical history, and dental health and make sure implants are the way to go to get your smile back! 

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