Bella Dental Plan

Introducing the Bella Dental Plan 

Our new in-house dental plan is based largely on Preventative Dentistry. With just the $50/month fee* we have included the following:

- 2 dental cleanings per year

- 1 periodontal evaluation per year

- Full series of x-rays once every 5 years

- Bite Wing X-rays every year (except when taking the full series)

- 1 Exam per year

Our motto here at Bella Dental is “the best amount of dentistry is the least amount of dentistry!”

By closely monitoring your oral health, we feel that we can keep dental treatment to a minimum. That is why we are able to offer a 30% discount on the most common dental procedures*.

30% off the following procedures:  sealants, composite fillings, extractions, crowns, anterior bridges, onlays, inlays, partial and full dentures, crown lengthening, gingivectomy, root canals and laser treatments. 

*fee based on member with 2 cleanings per year

*laser treatment refers to LANAP, LAPIP, LAR

*only covers treatment provided by Bella Dental Group

*discount benefits are estimates of UCR fees

*any cosmetic treatment is not a covered benefit under this plan 

*Surgical Implants $500 off

*the plan benefits are not transferable and will be lost if preventative treatment is discontinued

*there is no refund for early cancellation

*any other service not mentioned in this plan is not a covered benefit